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Mooney's, Folsom, CA

We’ve tried other cell phone ads and paid way more a month than dealsnapt and never saw anything from the others that we’ve tried.

As we all know we need to advertise but it can also kill you financially. dealsnapt is affordable and it really works! Plus they are super nice folks and do everything to make it easy for you





Folsom Body & Skin, Folsom, CA


Folsom Body & Skin has done every type of advertising.  We have gone down the print advertising route, spending as much as 12K per year for a half page ad, which at our best month returned 11 customers at a cost of $90 for customer acquisition.
The final straw was when one of my other service people did Groupon.  We did a Manicure and Pedicure for $22.  Our regular price is $45, so when it was all said and done, we sold 400, which equates to $10 dollars for every service we do.  The worse part of it was they even charged us  2.5% for credit card transactions.

I found out about dealsnapt™ and it just made sense.  I could control all my deals and the best part was I did not have to split it with anyone.  For a minimal monthly subscription I can run all the deals and promotions that I want on my terms. I can even stack all my promotions for the month, the app platform starts and ends my deals automatically.  I can even run a flash promotion and set it up to run every week on the same day.  dealsnapt™ truly is the next generation in advertising for small to mid size businesses it even integrates with my Facebook page and posts all my promotions there as well.  I am sold!  I just wish I found it before I spent 12K on print advertising.

Shellie FitzPatrick
Owner Folsom Body & Skin

I have been in business since 2006 and had spent all my ad dollars on traditional advertising like Newspapers.    Unfortunately I was not able to get even close to my ROI over a 3 year period in print advertising.

In September of 2012, we tried dealsnapt for the first time.  In two weeks we were able to get 3 new customers (dogs).  For the cost of my advertising one new dog would have had me breaking even in my four-month advertising commitment with dealsnapt.  With 3 new customers in my first two weeks I expect my ROI to be at least 10X

I love the fact that it is completely paperless and I can run 15 different ads in a one-month period. 

Cynthia McCoy

Charlotte's Cafe and Coffee House, Loomis CA

I am getting great response at my business, but more important than that is that all the businesses in Loomis now have a presence for shoppers that cruise through the area through dealsnapt. The business district is now well positioned to become more prominent in consumer minds.

Charlotte's Cafe and Coffee House, Loomis CA

Active Life Martial Arts, Loomis CA


Jon Dunlap
Active Life Martial Arts in Roseville CA

Case Studies

Pizza place in Sacramento, CA

During the first month of utilizing dealsnapt™ the establishment had the following statistics

  • Deal Views - 9590
  • Detail Views - 496
  • Redemptions - 40

Resulting in the following statistics, which have been compared to other methods (below),