Until today there has been no way for Groups to connect businesses, members and the community together.

  • Groups can engage members and provide exclusive benefits
  • Businesses can tune their marketing and connect to targeted individuals
  • The community benefits by keeping consumers spending locally
  • The groups and the businesses can track engagement and reward customers to return.

A group can represent a school/team/church fundraiser, employer benefits program, league, or any collection of users that is interested in local engagement.

In many cases, members may not be aware of new and exciting businesses that are nearby and may be offering a promotion.  The location-based features of dealsnapt provide a dynamic directory that will highlight businesses that are running exclusive deals, events and promotions for group members.

Local businesses will benefit from the program by providing better discounts to the group than they would offer to the general public.  This exclusive discount will drive consumption, but will not put the business at risk.   The better discount can be limited by membership, location, time, and quantity.  Businesses also accumulate a loyal following that they can can continue to engage.

dealsnapt offers the following advantages to business owners,

  • the ability to instantly engage consumers that are ready to buy on their mobile device
  • geo-target nearby consumers with content and notifications
  • the ability to add/update content whenever they desire
  • the ability to see how effective their on/off-mobile campaign is working and make real-time changes.

This is a very efficient community-based system that perpetuates itself.  Local businesses access the group members, and consumers save money.  Businesses increase their sales volume and decrease their advertising expenses.  Members of the group receive real value in the savings from the merchants and all dollars are kept local.


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