Waitress-Outside-199x300We have advocated since the launch of our first platform in January 2012 that the level of success of a business with any new marketing program, including ours, is dependent on empowerment and information at the Sales Associate level.


Our findings indicate there are three key ingredients for the tailored experience that leads to more satisfied and loyal customers.

Include Store Associates in Digital Technology Rollouts

Customer testing is the wrong time to discover that new applications fail to meet expectations. Entrusted with interacting with customers, store associates need to be involved from the beginning and allowed to contribute throughout the process…

Empower and Train Associates

Whether you are a high-end or discount retailer, store associates can make the difference in gaining repeat customers. To prepare associates to exceed customers’ expectations, train them on how and when to use today’s tools. Empower them to make the decisions necessary to close sales.

Create a Loyalty Strategy that Emphasizes Personalization

There’s no excuse for blasting the same message, promotion, or reward to every e-mail address you’ve collected. Few blast e-mails make it past spam folders. Recipients often quickly delete those that do. Don’t kid yourself: Customers want an insightful loyalty program that is unique to them and not intrusive.

The personalized shopping experience that customers crave requires retailers to take the time to build relationships and invest in store associates. Retailers that embrace strategies that marry technology and process to produce an enhanced customer experience will gain the trust of their clientele and flourish.

Sales Associates are the closest part of your business to the end-customer.   The difference between a delightful experience and a ‘in-and-done’ visit lies with them.   Ensure that they embrace your digital marketing platform, understand it, and can convey to your customers with a smile.


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