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New Groups Live Through April 2016
Explore Rancho Cordova
Dixon Rams
Del Oro Golden Eagles
Loomis, CA
Damonte Ranch High School
Reno, NV
InSight-InMind Magazine
Sacramento, CA
Strawberry Festival
Oxnard, CA
Shop Local Whittier, CA
Woodcreek Little League
Cashbook Savings
Loiusville Kentucky
Pleasant Grove High School Elk Grove
Monterey Trail High School
Elk Grove
Peter Johansen High School
Vanden High School
Rodriguez High School
Rocklin High School
Roseville High School
Spring is now upon us, which means that school and team fundraising will be in full swing again.  Last year we digitized and mobilized over 50 fundraisers that raised in excess of $400,000 and we are happy to report that over 95% are set to repeat this year and a similar number starting for the first time.
For our merchants, this is an increasing group of consumers that you can target your marketing to AND can show your support for local community programs. We are continuing to work with these programs in new areas throughout California and across the nation.  Please continue to check the left sidebar OR join the Merchants Only group to keep informed.
One of the big benefits of the platform for our Premium subscribers is the custom branded materials to promote their brand to in-store customers, a text code to drive new followers and a custom link to onboard from email and other social media platforms.  Our Social Media channel has been so successful that we are now including the graphics creation as part of our packages.   Get your free graphic now.   Read More
Our Quick Start program for small and large businesses alike has proven to quickly build loyal customers in new markets.  Our most recent push into Oregon with a regional chain, has yielded over $20,000 in marketing value in a single month; over 22 time ROI.  This is in areas where dealsnapt does NOT have a current user base.  Read more
See the left sidebar for our latest fundraisers and area groups that you can access. Just let us know what groups interest you and we will hook you up.
Our new and improved Business Insight Reports are sent to you on a weekly basis reflecting your last 30 days using the platform. See,
  • Trending for impact, ROI, Followers and Clicks
  • New vs. Returning Customers
  • Spin 2 Win winners
  • Credit use
  • And more

New Market?  We Have a Program for You!NewMarket
11-location business in Northern California and Southern Oregon


All these locations are in brand new markets where dealsnapt does not have an existing user base – new markets.
To help you put this into the context of other platforms,
  • 16.7 cents per click ( versus. $1-$3 per click for other platforms)*
  • $1.08 cost per redemption ( versus 10-50% of bill price for other platform)*
  • 58% of the clicks in a 30-day period were from unique users*
  • 20% of the clicks were on location*
  • average of 122 new followers per location*
 *dealsnapt does not charge for any of these benefits.  Costs are for comparison purposes only.
The reason that it works for these locations is simple:  they adopt the program, train the staff, and engage with their customers.   These locations are offering prizes to the first location to 1000 followers
Imagine if you could cap your marketing cost and continue to grow your loyal following, engagement and increase the amount the customers spend.
No need to imagine.  It is right here in front of you.

FreeFacebookFREE Facebook Image for Premium Customers
What some business owners don’t realize is that the benefits of the dealsnapt platform go far beyond a really cool app that is used by over 85,000 users and counting.
The materials provided with a Premium subscription are a great way to increase brand awareness and grow your loyalty program.   There are no additional fees to use them.
Text code – the text code per location is yours to use as a subscriber for the life of your subscription.  Add it to other marketing methods to bridge those consumers over to your new loyalty program.  For example, if you are doing a local ad or mailer, have readers  use your text code to get current deals.

Custom Link – the custom link works just like the Text keyword above but it can be added to your email list, existing text programs and your social media.   We are now providing all our Premium customers with a custom graphic branded to your business that you can include on Facebook to build your loyalty base.  These are customers that are nearby and have opted into your business.  They are the key to filling up your business during slow times.
Get your own graphic today.  Contact us or call at 855-637-6278

forFundraisersNo Upfront Cost, No Risk, and Increased Revenue
We can instantly provide the following advantages,
  • Get all your deals on the phone
  • Your icon on your customers’ phones
  • Your own personalized text to link keyword
  • Sell memberships directly through the app
  • Increase membership renewals
  • No start-up cost
  • Higher gross sales
  • New revenue stream
  • Fast and easy integration
Significantly broaden the reach of your fundraiser, increase it’s value and protect your established accounts.  There is absolutely no impact to your existing sales.
If you want to learn more or get started, simply fill out the form using the link below or contact us at 855-637-6278.
SnapTownUniversitySnaptown University – Your Online LifelineView our videos on YouTube
How To Create A Deal - Merchant App
How To Create A Deal – Merchant App
How To Add A Shortcut To A Group
How To Add A Shortcut To A Group
How To Enable Credits & Redeem Credit Vouchers
How To Enable Credits & Redeem Credit Vouchers
Welcome to SnapTown University!  SnapTown University is your online lifeline, a YouTube Channel that offers tips and tricks for managing your account.  Learn how to grow your business’ success, build your customer base and reward your loyal customers.
We are committed to support local businesses and the surrounding community.
the dealsnapt team
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