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We are currently running a fundraiser in support of the Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento.   You receive access for up to 50% off at over 20 area craft breweries for the next year and $20 goes to the Shelter.  Learn more or text BREW to 63975 to support this great cause.
If you already have dealsnapt, go to the Groups tab and purchase a Sac Brew Membership.   Your favorite breweries will be with you wherever you go.

Digital and mobile marketing are on the rise in 2017 with 72% of small business owners stating that they will increase their budgets; of those 30% expect their budgets to increase considerably.   The average businesses spends about 10% of their budget on marketing and you want to make sure that it is money well spent.  Below we describe 2 traps you want to avoid.

Most digital and mobile marketing platforms charge per click.  Did you know that the average Cost per Click (CPC) in 2016 was $2.14 across all industries?   The average CPC for restaurants was a whopping $3.78.   This is very expensive proposition at almost $100 per 25 clicks, but it does not have to be that way.  Don’t be fooled.  See how beneficial an UNLIMITED click model can be.  Read more.

Many businesses are stuck where they have set a precedent for a big discount, are not being adequately compensated, and can’t get out – The dreaded Daily Deal Rut.  It is never a good idea to be forced to offer a 50% discount, and receive 1/2 of the proceeds in 60 days.  We have a way out.  Read more
For our new businesses, we provide the Quickstart which focuses on gaining new VIPs, keeps consumers engaged, and incentivizes them to spend more.   It does not end here.   For ongoing success we recommend updating your campaigns quarterly (at a minimum).
Too busy?  Congratulations.  We perform all updates for our premium customers.  Simply send an email to or call us and we will set you up.

How easy is it to setup a business, fundraiser or Shop Local?  Really easy.   Schedule a demonstration.



Better Mobile Advertising for Pennies a ClickPenniesAClick

One of the reasons for the shift to mobile marketing is shown in
the graphic to the right.  The average American looks at their phone 50 times per day.  We want them to see your business when they do, and engage with you.
Digital and mobile marketing companies are taking advantage of this and overcharging you.  The average Cost per Click (CPC) for digital/mobile advertising in 2016  was $2.14; $3.78 for restaurants.   Two hundred clicks per month could end up costing you over $500 with no assurance that any one of those clicks resulted in a customer coming into your business.  These costs are increasing by over 10% per year.
To make matters worse, most digital platforms will not display your ads once your budget is exhausted.  For example, if you budget $200 per month and the CPC is $4, your ad will no longer appear after 50 clicks.  If that happens in the first 5 days of the month, then you are invisible for the next 25 days. How unfair is that?
We take a much different approach with the dealsnapt platform.  We charge a flat monthly fee for UNLIMITED impressions and clicks.  This means that you are always visible, 24/7.  In the chart below we show the results of 4 small businesses over a 30 day period.  You will notice the following,
  1. All businesses are getting lots of clicks and redemptions
  2. All businesses are paying pennies per click
  3. All businesses are paying less than $2.65 per purchase
  4. All businesses a yielding a monthly return on investment (ROI) of between 7 and 260 times!!!
In fact, our Cost per Redemption (CPR) is better than the CPC for other ad platforms like Google, Yelp, and Facebook.
You receive massive exposure at a fraction of the cost of CPC-based digital platforms and print. The Diner had 230,000 impressions (seen) and 571 clicks (acted on) for 16 cents a click.  Even at $2.14 CPC (the low end)  this business would have paid over $1000 for that same exposure on search and social media platforms.
Imagine if your business could have thousands of dollars of exposure value for less than $100.  When that exposure increases, you never pay more.
Comparative costs for the same exposure are shown in red at the bottom of the graphic
  • Print – using $200 for 10,000 homes/copies
  • Digital – using $3 per click
From a cost perspective, your dollars is going much farther using an unlimited model.  In the case of the Diner, they would have paid their print provider over $4,500 and their digital platform over $1,700.  They are paying less than $100/month on dealsnapt.
More importantly, the exposure and return on investment continues to increase over time because the monthly cost is fixed.  The top line of the graphic shows the number of months that the business has been using the dealsnapt platform to market their business, from 6 months (Pizza Place) to 20 months (Bingo Hall).  Reading from right to left,
  • CPM decreased from $1.06 to $0.55 (while the number of people who saw the ads doubled)
  • CPC decreased from $0.49 to $0.01 (while the number of people who click increased by 50 times)
  • ClickThrough Rate increased from 0.22% to 6.8% (more engagement from loyal customers)
  • Click to Purchase increased from 18.4% to 36% (more conversions to revenue over time)
  • Attributed Revenue increased from $555/month to $33,675/month.  (increased profits)
Over time you will see increased exposure, more engagement, increased purchases and, as a result, increased profits.

We will put our money where our mouth us.  Contact us at 855-637-6278 or email us at for details how you can get new customers, access targeted audiences and keep customers coming back more often without breaking the bank.



Get your Groupon off!!GrouponOff

We continue to hear the sad laments from business owners that are stuck in the daily deal rut – committed to a contract, offering a 40-50% discount, and only getting ½  of the proceeds months later.
For those that have been asleep for the past 5 years, daily deal sites generally offer a great deal to consumers in exchange for a 30-50% share of the remaining dollars.  The business owner is generally paid off when the promotional value of the deal expires.
Simple example –  Get $20 of value for $10.
The consumer pays $10 to the daily deal site and the business owner will receive between $5 and $7 within 60-90 days.    In the end it is $5-$7 for delivering $20 of value (a 65-75% discount).
We all know that this is not a sustainable model, and at some point the business owner needs customers to pay closer to list price for their service, food, etc.   So how do you get out of the rut?
If you start offering lesser deals (say 25% off) on other advertising platforms, the consumer will still buy the daily deal because most do not care about the bad impact on your business; they just want the best deal out there.  In fact, many will stay away from your business until the daily deal runs again.
At dealsnapt, we have a better solution that will migrate the consumers from the daily deal model to one that benefits both the business owner and the consumer,
  1. Step 1 – offer the same deal (or a little better one) on the dealsnapt platform.  The consumer will still get the benefit AND will not have to purchase up front.  Even if your business offered $20 for $8 in the example above, you would collect more than with the daily deal would yield, and would collect it when the consumer pays (more money sooner).
  2. Step 2 – implement the deal in Step 1 as a one-time ‘Follow Us’ deal.  The consumer will have to Follow your business to use the deal and can only use it once.  You gain a VIP customer to reach out to later.
  3. Step 3 – continue to offer other deals based on your slow times, use the Spin2Win game to provide instant rewards, and accept credits (see QuickStart) to keep customers coming back.
  4. Step 4 – get out of the rut when your contract is up, and never drive down that road again.
The result is that you have captured consumers as VIPs and you can use the dealsnapt platform to bring in traffic when you need it and discount only when you have to OR to reward your VIPs.

Contact us at 855-637-6278 or email us at for more information.



The Quick Start Follow-up

The dealsnapt team has worked tirelessly over the past 5 years to create a system that runs on AUTOPILOT and provides you with the ability to update your campaigns in minutes from both the web and the merchant app.
The platform is tuned to
  • Bring in new customers
  • Make them spend more per visit and
  • Keep them coming back more often
You have the ability to implement the program yourself, but we know that you are busy running your business.   We have created a on-line landing page where you can easily complete the quick start form and we will make the updates for you.
Once you have built a VIP Follower base, have the analytics to see what worked (and didn’t), and better understand when you need more customers, you will need to update your campaign to maximize profits when you are busy, and bring in new customers when you are not.  Key questions you need to ask yourself are,
  1. What do I want to offer my VIP customers to keep them coming back (Follower Retention Deal)?
  2. When do I still need help bringing in more customers and revenue (Sweet Deal)?
  3. Do I need to enhance my spin to win game? (Update Your Game)
  4. Should I increase my minimum spend to drive more revenue? (Update Credits)
Your campaigns evolve with your business, and a couple of minutes a month is all you need to keep your content fresh.
Want to just send us an email to update your campaigns?   Email your deal, game and credit campaign information to us or just send us a picture.  We will do the rest.


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