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2017 has the makings of a banner year for small businesses.  Mobile marketing and engagement is more popular than ever.  Influence-Central predicts that consumers will emerge as shoppers’ move valued shopping partner.  Below are a couple of interesting stats,
  1. 54% of homes no longer own a landline ( vs. 35% in 2012)
  2. The average family owns 2.6 smartphones
  3. Women see their smartphone (51%) are more important than their purse (26%)
Most consumers are looking for instant gratification vs. rewards earned over a period of time.   The in-store game on the dealsnapt platform provides the opportunity for your VIP customers to earn rewards on every visit while not exposing the business reduced profits.  Learn how to track a VIP check-in while not having to offer a killer deal.
For our new businesses, we provide the Quickstart which focuses on gaining new VIPs, keep consumers engaged, and making them spend more.   It does not end here.  For ongoing success we recommend updating your campaigns at least quarterly.   Too busy?  Awesome. We will do all the updates for you.  Simply send an email to or call us and we will set you up.
In our last newsletter we highlighted our Shop Local success in Placer and Sacramento counties.  In January we are launching in more cities in multiples states.   Keep looking at the left side-bar for new shop local initiatives in your area.  Just let us know what groups interest you and we will hook you up.
Our objective continues to be creating a vibrant local community ecosystem for businesses and consumers through,
How easy is it to setup a business, fundraiser or Shop Local?  Really easy.  Schedule a demonstration.

Instant Rewards Trump Earned Ones
Ask yourself this question – When you are considering going shopping or out to eat, are you incentivized by instant gratification or build up point/punches to get future rewards?
The answer is probably ‘both’ but anyone would take an instant reward over a future one if pressed.  NOW always trumps FUTURE in the age of Now.
This is a idea behind offering a ‘discount’ is to bring a customer into your location now in return for an immediate saving.   This is great for the consumer, but an issue for the business owner is that they cannot offer discounts all the time because of the negative impact on their margins.
For a small business owner this creates a dilemma –  how to keep customers engaged while maintaining profits.  Some businesses implement punch card or points programs to bring customers back in for a reward when a level is achieved.  The issue for a small business is that it take too many visits to see results and the program falters.  The secret is to stay relevant and front of mind always.
Think about one of the best Loyalty programs out there – Starbucks Rewards.   The loyalty program is very sophisticated and has loyalty tiers you can attain (traditional loyalty) to get better discounts and free stuff.  But even though they have this capability the still offer additional instant gratification rewards of FREE items and BONUS stars.  The reason they do this is that traditional loyalty does not provide enough incentives to bring people back, even for them.
What we coach business about through our unique Boost, Amplify, Target’ campaigns (ask for your own copy) is to laser focus discounts to your slower times, and to bring VIP customers back.  We also have a unique and effective way to bring customers back using out Spin2Win game.
A key part of the program is the SPIN2WIN game which is a VIP check-in and reward system that does not require equipment or any engagement from your staff.  Repeat customers receive the CHANCE to win the big prize EVERY TIME they come into your location and you set the odds as to how often they can win.   This ensure that you deliver rewards that work for your business margins AND gives the repeat consumer instant gratification on EVERY visit.
It is really simple.  Assume you are a coffee shop have a program that wants to deliver a FREE sandwich after 20 visits (1 in 20), and a FREE drink after 10 visits (1 in 10).  You would offer a catch-all prize that provides an incentive based on a minimum purchase and a GRAND prize that is awesome but only won 1% of the time.
You would set your game up as follows
$20 Gift Card  (1 in 100) – 1%
FREE Sandwich ( 1 in 20) – 5%
FREE Drink ( 1in 10) – 10%
$1 off $15 or more – (8 in 10) – 80%
Not a winner ( 4%)
By using this method a VIP may win more often but will keep checking in (spinning) each time they are there.   The best part is that you do not require additional equipment or engagement from your staff.  They just need to tap redeem.  If they forget, no worries.  The reward expires at midnight.
If you need assistance getting your game configured let us know.

CSpringHillASE STUDY – Shop Local in Spring Hill, Tennessee

On November 1st , ‘Spring Hill Fresh’ went live just south of Nashville, Tennessee featuring over 60 participating local businesses.
We have proven successes in Placer Valley (Lincoln, Roseville, and Rocklin) and Rancho Cordova, CA where the ShopLocal programs have grown to include local hotels, tourism, new resident programs, employers, and events.
What is happening in Spring Hill, Tennessee and dozens other cities and town is an example of how a community platform can launch quickly and effectively.  In the span of  less than 30-days Spring Hill was able to go mobile with tools to on-board consumers.
  • A Shop Local mobile directory with deal, events and other happenings
  • Integrated mapping
  • A custom text code (text LOCAL to 63975) to on-board consumers
  • Custom marketing materials (in-store) for the program
  • The app starts within the Spring Hill Fresh group and a spring launch icon on the phone
  • Customer Web and social media graphics
As you can see from the above graphic, it is all about the community from a branding, advertising, and content – The Spring Hill Fresh mobile app.
Small businesses are the backbone of our economy but are struggling to compete in an increasingly mobile world.  Local business associations, tourism bureaus and chambers of commerce are in a great position to help.  The dealsnapt platform provides the ability to,
  1. Launch a program in days
  2. Engage consumers with a branded Shop Local group including mapping, events, discounts, and rewards
  3. Enable local businesses to market themselves like the big boys at a fraction of the cost of what they are using today
And it is so easy that you will wonder what took you so long to get started.
Get your initiative started in time for Small Business Saturday and make every day a Shop Local day.  Schedule a demo.

QuickStartThe Quick Start Follow-up
The dealsnapt team has worked tirelessly over the past 5 years to create a system that runs on AUTOPILOT and provides you with the ability to update your campaigns in minutes from both the web and the merchant app.
The platform is tuned to
  • Bring in new customers
  • Make them spend more per visit and
  • Keep them coming back
You have the ability to implement the program yourself, but we know that you are busy running your business.   We have created a on-line landing page where you can complete the quick start form and we will make the updates for you.
Once you have built a VIP Follower base, have the analytics to see what worked (and didn’t), and better understand when you need more customers, you need to update your campaign to maximize profits when you are busy, and bring in new customers when you are not.  Key questions you need to ask yourself are,
  1. What do I want to offer my VIP customers to keep them coming back (Follower Retention Deal)?
  2. When do I still need help bringing in more customers and revenue (Sweet Deal)?
  3. Do I need to enhance my spin to win game? (Update Your Game)
  4. Can I want to increase my minimum spend to drive more revenue (Update Credits)

forFundraisersNo Upfront Cost, No Risk, and Increased Revenue
We can instantly provide the following advantages,
  • Get all your deals on the phone
  • Your brand on your customers’ phones
  • Your own personalized ‘text to join’ keyword
  • Custom-branded graphics
  • Sell memberships directly through the app
  • Increase membership renewals
  • No start-up cost
  • Higher gross sales
  • New revenue stream
  • Fast and easy integration
Significantly broaden the reach of your fundraiser, increase it’s value and protect your established accounts.  There is absolutely no impact to your existing sales.
If you want to learn more or get started, simply fill out the form using the link below or contact us at 855-637-6278 or Schedule A Demo
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