dealsnapt entered Vacaville a few short months ago. Due to the high degree of engagement from a small number of businesses the area has flourished.  The graphic below show the stats within 10 miles of Vacaville (a town of 92,000 residents)  for Jan/Feb of 2015.

Impressions – 365,001
Clicks  – 27,951

The click-through rate is 7.7% !!!!! That is 10-15 times what most internet platforms offer (like Google). HUGE engagement, Massive impressions.
28% of the clicks are within 50 ft of the businesses being referenced. Think about that for a second. It is why this type of marketing really works. Engagement occurs VERY close to the business. You CANNOT do this with any other marketing platform. Ask yourself, ‘Are Google/Facebook/etc. clicks occurring in close proximity to a business?’ Of course not.

What you will not see in the graphic is that there is also over 23,000 Spin Reward winners in the area.
Engagement, engagement, engagement. Thats all it is. Whether starting in a new area or growing an existing one, this platform will thrive if the business engages.
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