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The Holiday season is quickly approaching.  Small Business Saturday on November 26th is one of the biggest shopping days of the year and a critical launch point for your business.   We are here to help you get ready and promote your business to thousands of nearby consumers and make every day of the year successful for your business.
We have been busy over the last 2 months launching our Shop Local and Tourism initiatives

in California, Tennessee and South Carolina.  Visitors, residents and commuters are provided with great local deals, events, and other happenings.    The benefits to local businesses in these areas is that we continue to build audiences for them to grow sales from new customers and increase repeat visits from their VIPs.
Highlights from Placer and Sacramento Counties
  • Featured in 39 local hotels representing over 1 million room nights per year
  • Promoted to hundreds of tournament organizers representing thousands of attendees
  • Promoted has many local events centers, on websites and social media
  • An integral part of the new resident and employer perks programs
  • Eclipsed our 100th school/team supported through fundraiser.  50% of these are in their second year of operation
Our objective has been to create a vibrant local community ecosystem for businesses and consumers through,
How easy is it to setup a business, fundraiser or Shop Local?  Really easy.  Schedule a demonstration.
One of the big benefits of the platform for our Premium subscribers is the custom branded materials to promote their brand to in-store customers, a text code to drive new followers and a custom link to onboard from email and other social media platforms.  Our Social Media channel has been so successful that we are now including the graphics creation as part of our packages.   Get your free graphic now.   Read More
See the left sidebar for some of our latest fundraisers and shop local groups that you can access. Just let us know what groups interest you and we will hook you up.

Shop Local for Visitors and More

Play Placer and Explore Rancho Cordova

Phase 1: The Starting Point
The Play Placer Group in Roseville, Rocklin and Lincoln is gaining momentum with over 50 businesses in the directory running 40 deals, and 13 upcoming events for Visitors to the area.  The program is being promoted through cards and displays at
  • all 23 area hotels
  • to the organizers of over 500 tournaments coming to the area
  • on the Placer Valley Tourism website
Visitors to the area are directed to places to shop, dine and play.
Phase 2:  Growth
Explore Rancho Cordova began the same way and has now evolved into a program that addresses residents, employees, and commuters in addition to visitors.   What this means to local business owners, is that their audience of new customers continues to grow and grow. The program is promoted,
  • in all 16 area hotels in the Tourism Guides (check it out)
  • to the organizers of the 100+ events in the area
  • at event centers and at the Chamber of Commerce
  • on the Explore Rancho Cordova website
  • to New Residents to the area in their Welcome packages
  • (in 2017) to are employers as part of the Stay an Hour Program
As you can see, whether we start with tourism, schools or business associations, the platform continues to weave itself into the fabric of the local community.  It becomes the ‘go to’ place for consumers to decide what they are going to do, where they eat, and where they shop.
Make your business part of the movement.  Grow your customers and grow your revenue.

CASE STUDY – Shop Local in Spring Hill, Tennessee

On November 1st , ‘Spring Hill Fresh’ went live just south of Nashville, Tennessee featuring over 60 participating local businesses.
We have proven successes in Placer Valley (Lincoln, Roseville, and Rocklin) and Rancho Cordova, CA where the ShopLocal programs have grown to include local hotels, tourism, new resident programs, employers, and events.
What is happening in Spring Hill, Tennessee and dozens other cities and town is an example of how a community platform can launch quickly and effectively.  In the span of  less than 30-days Spring Hill was able to go mobile with tools to on-board consumers.
  • A Shop Local mobile directory with deal, events and other happenings
  • Integrated mapping
  • A custom text code (text LOCAL to 63975) to on-board consumers
  • Custom marketing materials (in-store) for the program
  • The app starts within the Spring Hill Fresh group and a spring launch icon on the phone
  • Customer Web and social media graphics
As you can see from the above graphic, it is all about the community from a branding, advertising, and content – The Spring Hill Fresh mobile app.
Small businesses are the backbone of our economy but are struggling to compete in an increasingly mobile world.  Local business associations, tourism bureaus and chambers of commerce are in a great position to help.  The dealsnapt platform provides the ability to,
  1. Launch a program in days
  2. Engage consumers with a branded Shop Local group including mapping, events, discounts, and rewards
  3. Enable local businesses to market themselves like the big boys at a fraction of the cost of what they are using today
And it is so easy that you will wonder what took you so long to get started.
Get your initiative started in time for Small Business Saturday and make every day a Shop Local day.  Schedule a demo.

Tips to Make This Holiday Season A Glowing Success

Small Business Saturday is November 26th, less than 2 weeks away, is one of the biggest shopping days of the year and a critical launch point for your business.   We are here to help you get ready and promote your business to thousands of nearby consumers and make every day of the year successful for your business.
The tips below will help you succeed and dealsnapt will do most of the work for you.
Work Together
– the sum is truly better than the individual parts.  By working with other nearby businesses you increase the appeal of your area to consumers seeking variety, and will keep them in the area longer.  dealsnapt is a ready-made ShopLocal program that is proven to keep shoppers local engaged.
Leverage your Followers – your VIP customers are one of your most important assets. Run exclusive events and provide advance notice of your sales to your Followers to make them feel special.  dealsnapt allows you to promote to your Followers and instantly notifies them directly on the mobile device.
Schedule a campaign – change your offers throughout the holiday to provide consumers with more variety at YOUR business.   dealsnapt will provide you with statistics on what is working and what is not, and enables you to adapt.
Create Gift Bundles – make shopping easier for the consumers by creating gift baskets or boxes.   Through bundling you will be minimize the requirement to discount on individual products and will allow you to move stagnant inventory.   dealsnapt has a ‘no price’ and ‘special’ options to promote without discounting.
Turn all Customer into Regulars – use every opportunity to ensure that customer returns during the Holidays and throughout the year.  dealsnapt turns a customer into a Followers in a single tap.  You can then engage with them directly as often as you like.
Enhance the In-Store Experience – run events that involve the whole family (free apple cider, see Santa, a special class etc) or run a game.  dealsnapt give you the ability to run both events and in-store games to increase engagement levels without offering a deal.
Schedule a demo to learn more how our platform can save you money, add new customers, increase spend per visit, and keep customers coming back more often.

The Quick Start

The dealsnapt team has worked tirelessly over the past 5 years to create a system that runs on AUTOPILOT and provides you with the ability to update your campaigns in minutes from both the web and the merchant app.
The platform is tuned to
  • Bring in new customers
  • Make them spend more per visit and
  • Keep them coming back
You have the ability to implement the program yourself, but we know that you are busy running your business.   We have created a on-line landing page where you can complete the quick start form and we will make the updates for you.

FREE Facebook Image for Premium Customers

What some business owners don’t realize is that the benefits of the dealsnapt platform go far beyond a really cool app that is used by over 90,000 users and counting.
The materials provided with a Premium subscription are a great way to increase brand awareness and grow your loyalty program.   There are no additional fees to use them.
Text code – the text code per location is yours to use as a subscriber for the life of your subscription.  Add it to other marketing methods to bridge those consumers over to your new loyalty program.  For example, if you are doing a local ad or mailer, have readers  use your text code to get current deals.
Custom Link – the custom link works just like the Text keyword above but it can be added to your email list, existing text programs, and your social media.   We are now providing all our Premium customers with a custom graphic branded to your business that you can include on Facebook to build your loyalty base.
These are customers that are nearby, have opted into your business and are the key to filling up your business during slow times.
Get your own graphic today.  Contact us or call at 855-637-6278

The Ultimate Bundle for dealsnapt Subscribers

To better serve our customers, we have partnered with a company that will help your business decrease your merchant services costs, protect you against chargebacks, and offer you cash advances to help your business grow.  We are calling this the Ultimate Bundle, and as a dealsnapt subscriber you are entitled to significant benefits,
  • cash advances from $5K to $2M with repayment from 4 to 21 months.
  • up to $500 cash back to grow your business
As a dealsnapt premium subscriber we provide 3 ways for you to build you loyal Follower group,
  • Via Text Message – Your own custom KEYWORD to onboard via text message (Example:  Text PIZZA to 63975)
  • Through social media, your website and email.
  • In – App – app users are interactively driven to Follow you.
By adding an AMS merchant services account bringing on customers is even more simple.  We have made on-boarding part of the checkout process.  Customers can become followers directly through your EMV compliant terminals.
Contact AMS  at (800) 400-0206 ext 7875, and let them know that dealsnapt sent you.

NO Upfront Cost, No Risk, and Increased Revenue

We can instantly provide the following advantages,
  • Get all your deals on the phone
  • Your brand on your customers’ phones
  • Your own personalized ‘text to join’ keyword
  • Custom-branded graphics
  • Sell memberships directly through the app
  • Increase membership renewals
  • No start-up cost
  • Higher gross sales
  • New revenue stream
  • Fast and easy integration
Significantly broaden the reach of your fundraiser, increase it’s value and protect your established accounts.  There is absolutely no impact to your existing sales.
If you want to learn more or get started, simply fill out the form using the link below or contact us at 855-637-6278 or Schedule A Demo
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